Protecting the intellectual property of both our clients, partners and our own organization’s creative assets with the proper international protection of copyrights, trademarks and patents is our leading PRIME DIRECTIVE.
Cross+Promotions founder, Joel Bales, directly assists clients in completing every step of the legal process of protecting intellectual properties; from the initial research of the creative concept suggested for commercial use, to the completion of necessary government applications, deadlines and payment of registration fees and through receiving official confirmations and registrations of intellectual property for domestic and international asset protections.

Even after registration confirmation, Cross+Promotions continues to go a step beyond the legal registration of intellectual properties, by vigilantly preforming real-time environmental scans of the Internet and international business and media mix 247 x 365, in order to best ensure that no other private or commercial entities are unintentionally or intentionally violating clients’ said intellectual property rights.

Violations of trademarks can appear in many forms and from our experience, appear to occur coincidentally and without malice. ost often  occurence violations of similarity which cause confusion among consumers. Of course, there are also many instances of plagiarism and copy cats which directly infringe and violate the legal protections we’ve helped establish for the intellectual properties of clients, ourselves and our sister and partner organizations in which we also have vested stake holder interests.

Below are a list of relatively recent copyrights, patents and trademarks which represent the “first commercial use there-of” and are currently in the five year process of registration, or represent intellectual properties that have completed the process and represent officially registered brand trademarks.


stake holders with a secured vested interest in.



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